Code’s Done is established as a company on 17 July 2013 with two dedicated members as the co-founder but now extends to six members after running for eight months. We are professionalized in website design, web application, application management, computer networking, accounting system, and consultation. Based on our experiences, we decided to use various standard tools and frameworks that very depending on different projects. Normally, we use framework such as Joomla, Wordpress, and Zend

We count on ten values reason for using those frameworks: Code and File Organization, Utilities and Libraries, MVC Pattern, Faster and Reliable Development, Security, Community Support, Performance Tools, Suitable for Teamwork, and finally, it is fun.

While we are enjoying using those frameworks, we are not forgetting the quality of our products that we serve to our customers. Hence, Quality is our ultimate desire! 

Code’s Done will margin the quality to meet our customer need. We don’t compromise our quality by reducing the price. We will guarantee the standard code for our client. Therefore, our vision is to help our client to understand how Web Technology can provide advantages to their business in the digital world.